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I am impressed with the materials in your program. I have found the content to be extraordinary. The framework you provide gives me great confidence in my ability to succeed as an effective Sales Trainer and Coach.
- Terry Jackson, PhD
[Slingshot founder] Andrew Neitlich is one of the most brilliant Masters I have ever encountered. I think you are not even aware of how much value you provide... I spent time with Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Sir Richard Branson, Tamara Lowe, etc -you are unique!-
- Helena Nyman, Success/Executive Coach, Speaker & Author
Within a few months of starting your program, I got a $50,000 coaching engagement. Soon after, I got three new coaching assignments by using your tools and unique approach. Now the referrals keep coming.
- Len Rothman, Leadership & Executive Development, Leadership at Work LLC
Let me say that the manual and your teleclasses are great. I always knew I was doing something right in sales, but never understood until I completed your training.
- Cam Cole

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Join the booming field of sales training, coaching, & consulting...
and enjoy the most efficient, affordable, and potentially lucrative path to be a leader in the field

...especially when you learn and can use the proven, groundbreaking Slingshot Sales Success System (Details below).

Dear Sales Professional:

Many professionals and businesspeople struggle with how to sell. They are willing to pay top dollar to develop this skill and bring it to their companies... and that's where you can make a terrific living.

The beauty of sales coaching, training, and consulting is that you offer a clear return on investment. You show your clients exactly how to make more money, and so it is easy to justify your fees. Other types of trusted advisors don't have this luxury, but you do...if you have the content and training materials to back up your claims.

That's where our train-the-trainer & certification program comes in. Get Certified as a "Certified Sales Coach & Trainer" and as a "Slingshot Sales Success Advisor" and you can build a successful practice by helping people increase their selling skills and business results.


The Slingshot Sales Success System is outstanding! Any sales person that uses this system will see increased success! As a trainer, the Slingshot Sales Success System opened opportunities I didn't imagine before. The program is customizable depending on the needs of the participants and length of the training desired. I have a great tool to work with to provide superior sales training and coaching. The insights are extremely valuable.
Karen Klingberg


  • Get a turnkey system to be a sales trainer, coach, and consultant, so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel.
  • Put the tools and methodology to work for you instantly, as soon as you register.
  • Feel comfortable and confident attracting and delighting clients as a sales trainer and coach.
  • Selling skills training and coaching continue to be in demand, due to a proven return on investment. That means it is easy for you to attract clients.
  • Learn at your own pace from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office - and yet also enjoy personalized support.
  • Get phenomenal marketing support to attract clients.
  • Set yourself apart with two designations: Certified Sales Coach & Trainer, and a Slingshot Sales Success Advisor.


In over 35 years of selling, I have taken some of the best sales training offered, including the Professional Selling Skills series taken from the playbook of IBM. It is my belief that Andrew Neitlich's "Slingshot Sales Success System" is as good as it gets. The power is in the four-part metaphor of a slingshot, and how each part gives you the ability to be authentic, provocative, and keeps you focused on the target. This system also gives you tactics to deal with the right decision makers, and helps you guide your prospects to a win/win outcome. The Slingshot Sales Success System has the flexibility to be tailored to a wide audience, from the newest sales team member to the seasoned professional. It has the right elements to build a leadership platform for sales managers as well. If you want to be a respected professional salesperson and a slayer of giants, the slingshot Sales Success System gives you all the weapons you need to be successful in today's sales arena.
Skip Reynolds, Skip Reynolds Consulting

What you receive:

  • The 260-page Slingshot Sales Success Training Manual. It is broken out into modules and lessons, with step-by-step instructions, and was designed with adult-learning principles in mind. Click here to see the full agenda.
  • A participant guide that you can use on an unlimited basis. NOTE: You will never have to pay a per-participant materials fee if you register immediately. Later registrants will have to pay a materials fee.
  • A PowerPoint deck to use in your trainings.
  • Access to our member area, with recordings demonstrating how to lead trainings, as well as a series of recorded lectures and a step-by-step marketing plan.
  • Ongoing marketing support directly from our Founder and Director. Andrew Neitlich personally reviews your marketing plan and provide support as needed.
  • A copy of Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches: Six Steps to Building a Million-Dollar Practice, by Jay Conrad Levinson and Andrew Neitlich (founder of the Slingshot Sales Success System).
  • Two Certificates suitable for framing: "Certified Sales Coach & Trainer" from the Sales Trainer Certification Institute, and "Official Slingshot Sales Success Advisor".


Through this training I received a proven, proprietary system to use in my business as a sales trainer, coach and consultant. I love that I do not have to re-invent the wheel and have a ready to go system with tools to help my clients. Andrew's training is comprehensive and he is incredibly supportive. His knowledge and skill are superb and his eagerness to pass on this knowledge and assistance is much appreciated. The content of the training of the Slingshot Sales Success System is broad and deep. I have worked with coaching "gurus" in recent years, and I assure you that the training that Andrew Neitlich provides in his courses are "head and shoulders" above any of my past experiences and for a much lower, more reasonable investment. I am seeing the results of his programs already! Can't thank you enough, Andrew.
Lindel James, Center for Selling Skills

The cost: $3,500. We can finance your tuition over 7 payments of $500 per month, or pay up front and save $350, or 10% (for a cost of $3,150). Compare this price to a franchise, which places huge restrictions on what you can and cannot due, and has an ongoing royalty structure along with an ironclad non-compete.

Click here to pay in monthly installments Pay in full and SAVE $350 (10%)

(Ready to register but have some questions? Call 941-539-9623. Also, by signing up you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions)

To apply: Send a resume to when you are ready to move forward. We will set up an interview to confirm fit.

Questions: Call Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich on his personal cell at 941-539-9623 or email us at


Andrew's learning sessions quickly prepare you to deliver the Slingshot Sales Success System content to your clients in an efficient, flexible and interactive manner. This is a total sales training system... I found that you get the knowledge, slides, workbooks, branding, preparation and confidence to deliver a highly professional sales training experience for clients in a matter of weeks. I used the system to deliver highly-praised sales training client sessions within 6 weeks of starting the program and based on this success, I have additional opportunities to sell sales coaching based on the Slingshot Success framework. Within the first two months of starting this program I have generated more revenue than I paid for it!
Marshall Calman, President, Calman Business Advisors